Text and translation from Codex Suprasliensis

Many of the reading selections in Robert Auty’s Handbook of Old Church Slavonic: Part II Texts and Glossary (London: The Athlone Press, 1960) present little challenge as they are from the OCS translation of the New Testament and so are already familiar to the student. However, one selection sure to be unknown to readers is the life of St Gregory from the East Bulgarian manuscript Codex Suprasliensis. I have placed the original text and a translation of the selection on my website.

The page uses an extravaganza of web standards that are not supported by Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, such the q (quote) and abbr (abbreviation) tags and setting fonts based on the language of each portion as communicated by the xml:lang attribute. If you can’t see the page properly and use IE, consider switching to Firefox. If you use Firefox or another decent browser and still can’t see the page properly, please send me a screenshot.

The limitations of Unicode’s Cyrillic block as it now stands became especially irksome while I was typing the OCS original. Like every OCS manuscript written with the Cyrillic alphabet, the text makes use of iotified-A, but for some inexplicable reason this is not in Unicode and so I’ve been forced to use u+044f cyrillic small letter ya. I was able to include the titlon and palalisation sign, and I could add the Cyrillic-space breathing marks (which are, of course, meaningless in OCS), but there seems to be no specific Cyrillic-block circumflex accent.

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