Speed dating to save minority languages

There’s an art collective in Belarus that is offering speed dating evenings on the condition that all participants speak Belarussian, that minority language in its own country and one not much loved by the authorities. This news footage (in Belarussian, but I think mainly intelligible to Russian and Polish speakers) offers some of the participants’ perspectives.

I suppose this would work well in a capital like Minsk, which draws people from the villages, and where people plan to stay put. I don’t think that such initiatives would do much good for most minority languages, which are facing not only a population that feels somewhat ashamed of the language, but which are affected by much larger demographic collapse. That native-language disco night in a small Mari town might draw a few young people who will listen to music in Mari for a few hours and maybe even speak the language, but they are still looking to move to the big city or even Moscow where there is zero chance they will be able to preserve their language.