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Suomenlinna is the name of the 18th century fortress spread over several islands in the archipelago around Helsinki. A popular tourist destination, and home to a few of Helsinki’s residents, it is easily accessible by a ferry that departs frequently from the port at the market square.

It takes about ten minutes to make the crossing. Approaching Suomenlinna, one sees first the ceremonial gate and the tower of a church built by the Russians in imperial times (under renovation during this visit).

The site offers many things to see, from art galleries to a ship repair yard and a brewery. One of my favourites is the old submarine, put on display here after the Finnish military was prohibited from owning them by the treaty following World War II.

Plenty of people still live and work on Suomenlinna, but their old wooden houses are so different than anything one sees in Helsinki nowadays.

In the south of Suomenlinna one can admire a rugged coastline battered by strong winds. Occasionally ferries pass by on their way to Tallinn or Stockholm.